One clear vision


What would it be like if everyone in your company bought into one clear vision?

For this to happen, you would need to establish that vision, illustrate it, and share it generously amongst all your stakeholders. It must be detailed and complete, representing the whole and complete picture – a canvas that is a perfect representation of what your business is going to look like, act like, feel like – and most importantly, it should convey how the business is going to perform once it is fully realized.

Like a jigsaw puzzle with so many interlocking parts, each piece contributes to the wholeness of the picture, a vision in which the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Why is having a vision important?

Your vision is more than just an idea, it’s a blueprint for what is to come. It is the first practical step in bringing your entrepreneurial dreams to fruition, a powerful tool in shaping your business success, and a rallying point that goes far deeper than brand identity and company culture.

Once you have established a clear vision, everything you and your employees do radiates from this vision. The better you communicate your vision, the more invested your entire company will be.

Everyone wants to be on a winning team

Every successful leader in the world has risen to where they are because they had a vision. People are far more inclined to follow a leader who knows exactly where they are going.

With a clear vision, a template if you will, of what your company will be, you create a focus from which the future can be determined, and a basis for moving forward from a position of certainty.

If you are able to communicate this vision and keep it alive in the hearts and minds of all of your employees, executives, and managers, it will be pervasive, and in every possible way.

If you are half-hearted about the vision, if you are not 100% invested, or are unable to clearly articulate your vision, these same people would sense it, and you’d lose them before they even had a chance to prove their worth.

Fact: Companies that have a clear, written vision outshine companies that don’t

Disengagement is rampant in business and accounts for huge losses in productivity each year.

A recent Gallup poll shows that the larger the company, the higher the disengagement factor – in fact, in companies with 1,000 employees or more, only 30 percent of employees surveyed state that they are actively engaged at work, and only 4 in 10 feel that the mission or purpose of their company is something that they can stand behind.

While not everybody thinks of their job as something that fulfills a higher purpose for them, a clearly defined vision will go a long way to changing this dynamic.

As the business owner, this can only come from you.

Your vision: your dream

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting your company, or are already decades into its lifecycle, your mission should reflect your vision in every way, and that vision is already inside of you.

Your vision is ultimately a reflection of who you are, your values, your purpose, and so you should never view it as something that is outside of yourself. The more you externalize your vision, the more daunting it will be to advance it into a fully developed idea.

In order to be true to you, your vision should reflect your ideals, the culture you would like to create, and the way you want others to feel when they are connected to it – whether they are your employees, your investors, your suppliers or your customers.

Once you have established your vision, continue to relate each days’ business back to it, and hold it as a yardstick by which your efforts can be measured.

If thoughts are things, then it’s worth dreaming large. See your vision as a manifestation of what is possible, and live by it. 

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